Friday, October 19, 2007

Let's get physical and (virtual)

The plan of attack: 1. Turn a destructive element, the dividing wall, into something constructive. A wall for posting, a place for transparency,anonymity, and connection. The mechanism= SOCIAL FIRM 2.Establish a connection between the physical and virtual world. Start to scar the city with points of urban acupuncture. Use the wall as building materials that diffuse and morph potentially to housing and unpredictable futures. 3. Use this connection as a port/hole for necessary communication. (Verbal is physical) 4. People start have oppertunity to own and control Social Firm with earned "peace points." 5. Branding and Selling of the wall. Wall gives forth to new economy and new connections throughout the city.

From here (NOW 2007), there are many possibilities for each reaction to the proposed stimuli. Let's say that it takes 10years or less for the city to engulf the stimulus with scar tissue, creating an instant organic memorial/landmark. The next stimulus spawns off of that, and the next off of that and so on. We are not proposing to have the answer of what these steps might be at this point. But we have sketched out a potential phasing plan:

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Step 5

Hello My Name Is:

To give some brief:

Bjork Christensen and I have joined forces to work on the Just Jerusalem Competition. This is is part of their Jerusalem 2050 Project, an unique visionary and problem-solving project jointly by MIT's Department of Urban Studies & Planning and the Center for International Studies.

Jerusalem is not all that it seams. We call it Jerusalem but it is also
known as Al Quds. Claimed by two nations and central to three religions, this is a place of diversity and peace in which contending ideas and citizenries could co-exist in benign, yet creative, ways. Gould this be a more global city?

Possibly. But to not be totally idealistic and ahead of ourselves, we must first think of what new actions are taken now.